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Amazon Demo

On this page is a demo by T. O’ Donnell of an Amazon affiliate plugin for the WordPress CMS, with some descriptive text.

– List your own Amazon products on your own website, increasing your chances of a sale.
– List other people’s Amazon products on your site, as an affiliate, and earn commission.
– List a particular niche of products, like Rolex watches, as an affiliate, and earn commission.

Alienware have been making high-end laptops for a long time, in computing terms, and these laptops consistently fetch high-prices when sold second-hand on eBay.

The company consistently puts the most powerful components possible into its products. This means that they tend to be as future-proof as they can reasonably be i.e. it takes 5 – 10 years to they average consumer laptop to catch up.

Alienware laptops should be able to easily handle at least two future iterations of the Microsoft operating system, and may be given to an appreciative younger relative if you want to purchase a more powerful laptop for yourself 5 years from now.

Believe me, they won’t forget a gift like this!

Alienware is the Ferrari of laptops, essentially.

Available for Amazon Prime